首先 above all first first of all firstly for one thing in the first instance in the first place 其次 in the next place next secondly 最后 finally lastly ultimately eventually at length bitter end in conclusion in the end omega

首先 in the first place; in the first instance; first of all; first off; (the) first thing; above all; for one thing; for a start; to start with; to begin with 其次 1.the next 2.secondly; in the next place; moreover 3.secondary...

(首先)First(其次)Second(再次)Third 书面式表达: First of all,secondly ,thirdly and then,next,finally 例句: There exists profound social background behind German social securitylegal system, including cultural traditi...

首先 first firstlyin the first place in the first instance first of all first off (the) first thing above all for one thing for a start to start with to begin with 其次 second the next secondly in the next place moreover second...

for one thing, for another ,meanwhile 或者first of all, secondly, last but not least

First of all, Follow by; Next; last but not least

Firstly 或 First 首先 Secondly 或 Second 其次 Finally或 Last 最后 常用表示顺序的词: first(ly)第一 in general 一般说来 in the beginning 起初 first of all 首先;第一 generally speaking 一般地说 in the first place 首先;第一 on...

首先:firstly. 其次:secondly. 再次:thirdly. 最后:finally.

first and foremost moreover last but not the least

first, second, third, last but not least

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